Bathrooms & Kitchens

New and Remodeled Bathrooms and Kitchens

Our bathrooms and kitchens are spaces of renewal and replenishment built to make your daily rituals a joy, not a chore. Whether you want a full interior kitchen or bathroom remodel or a newly constructed outdoor kitchen, we’re here to help. From built-in grills to professional cooking and washroom spaces with refrigeration and plumbing, GRO designs and builds with you in mind.


Built-in grills

Outdoor cooktops

Wood fired ovens

Sinks and basins

Seating areas and countertops

Refrigeration and wet bars

Eating and dining area

Bathroom and kitchen plumbing

Weatherproof cabinetry

Outdoor bbq grill kitchen area
Renovation bathroom Vancouver WA sink
Renovation Bathroom in Vancouver WA with Urinal
Custom Kitchen Cabinets Counter Vancouver WA

Build your outdoor kitchen today.