Best Time to Landscape in Vancouver, WA

We often get asked what time of year is best for installing a new landscape. In this blog we will go over each season and the advantages of installing in them.


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The pacific northwest is a great place to landscape because our temperatures are relatively mild. We don’t have extreme draughts or extreme freezes; this means all year is fair game for installation but with some mild caveats. Keep reading to learn the nuances of each season.


Fall Landscaping photo in Vancouver, WA

Autumn Landscaping

Fall is a great time to have landscaping done for these reasons:

  1. Turn-around times are back to normal after the busy season of spring and summer (your project will get on our books sooner so you’ll have your new landscape sooner).
  2. Fall is the best time to install plants. This is due to the milder temperatures, healthier and more nourished plants fresh off a growth season, and the incoming rain. 
  3. Lastly, you’ll get to enjoy your landscape for the entire outdoor season to come. 


Winter landscaping planting photo in Vancouver, WA

Winter Landscaping

Winter is an amazing time to have your new landscape installed and for many reasons:

  1. Unlike much of the country, we rarely have temperatures below freezing in the Portland area. This means the ground is malleable year round.
  2. The mild temperatures make for more successful plantings as the plants are dormant and the sun isn’t too strong. This allows them to establish themselves before the growth season comes and doesn’t disturb them during that growth period.
  3. Another advantage is the landscape industry’s turnaround time. Demand for landscaping is highest when the weather is starting to get nice. When you install in the winter your project’s turnaround time will be quicker. This means you will have your new landscape sooner. 
  4. Lastly, like with fall, you’ll get to enjoy your new landscape for the entire outdoor season around the corner. 


Spring Flower Landscaping Installation in Vancouver, WA

Spring Landscaping

Spring is the most popular time for people to seek landscaping services. Days are getting longer and the sun is starting to show itself a bit more. Similar to winter, plants do well in the spring because of the heavy rain and mild temperatures. Just like winter, timing can be great. If your project gets underway in spring, you’ll enjoy your new landscape for much of the outdoor season. Because spring is the most popular time to install landscapes we advise you to start your project as early as you can during this season to avoid waiting periods. 


Summer pool builders and contractors in Vancouver, WA

Summer Landscaping

Summer is another popular time to landscape. The outdoor season is well on its way and people would like to update their outdoor spaces. What’s great is If your project finishes before fall, you’ll still get to enjoy your outdoor space before winter arrives. The only hangup with summer is plantings will need ample watering and attention to help them survive any heat waves. 

Ultimately, the best time to landscape your property is when you are ready. More often than not, that time is now, but if you are planning ahead, we recommend fall and winter to install your landscape in the pacific northwest.