Five Signs That Your Irrigation System Needs Repair

Landscaping Tips

An annual 45 inches of rain keeps our four beautiful lakes filled year-round, but many Camas, WA homeowners prefer watering their lawns with efficient irrigation systems. Worry-free watering means more free time for fishing at Lacamas Lake, so pack up the tackle box, but keep an eye out for signs that your irrigation system in Camas, WA needs repair.

1. Soaked Spots and Parched Patches.

Balanced coverage ensures that the lawn stays healthy, but a leak in your home’s irrigation system can throw off proper water distribution. Overly saturated areas and patches of yellow grass both indicate trouble that can range from incorrect zone settings to faulty sprinkler heads. Your landscaping pro can pinpoint the problem and restore the efficient water flow that keeps grass green.

2. Constantly Dripping Control Valves.

The back end of your irrigation system is responsible for delivering the right amount of water to each yard zone. Properly operating valves shouldn’t drip or leak, and damp areas around pressure regulators and filters are signs of trouble. Small dirt particles and grass clippings accumulate in the equipment causing leaks that compromise operation, so don’t ignore those drips.

3. Sputtering Sprinkler Heads.

When these little delivery systems start spraying off-target, they might be responding to valve or pressure problems. However, sprinkler heads develop cracks and chips that undermine their performance. Pop-up heads shift out of position and sputter misdirected water into puddles. Accumulated debris clogs sprinklers causing them to spray off-target when they should be watering your thirsty lawn.

4. High or Low Pressure Problems.

Too little pressure doesn’t deliver the water your yard needs, and too much pressure prematurely wears out your system’s equipment. While fluctuations from high to low will send you checking on control valves and regulators, the trouble might be the irrigation pipes. They’re susceptible to shifting ground and invasive tree roots just like your home’s plumbing.

5. Exploding Water Costs.

If you open the monthly water bill and experience sudden sticker shock, ask a home irrigation professional to check your system. It might be a bad pressure regulator forcing too much water through the system or a control valve delivering unbalanced loads. A spike in usage often indicates a leak that’s letting water escape from pipes while it drains money from your wallet.

If your sprinklers, valves or pipes need a helping hand, give us a call here at GRO Outdoor Living. Our irrigation services cover residential and commercial properties all across Clark County. We take the worry out of watering the yard, so you can spend more time at the lake.