Landscape Lighting, Pathway, & Drainage Packages

GRO is now offering landscape lighting, pathway (paver or gravel with optional fire pit add-on), and drainage packages from November 2023 through March 2024.


GRO is now offering our winter Landscape Packages. These include lighting, pathway (paver or gravel with optional fire pit add-on), and drainage packages. All are customizable and available through March 2024. Site conditions must be assessed by GRO to confirm feasibility. Please see pricing, info, photos, and links to get started below.


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First up is lighting. This package is perfect for bringing life to your outdoor space after dark. The path lights serve to improve safety and functionality of your outdoor space at night while the up lights add ambient light and highlight any plant, sculpture, or feature they are aimed at.

Lighting Package: $2,573.00

Water proof underground connectors
150W FX EX low voltage transformer w/ timer
12/2 direct burial low voltage wiring
3 FX RS – Black – LED accent (up) lights
6 FX PL – Black – LED path lights
1 yard³ dark fir bark dust for touch ups


Next we have pathways. These packages add form and function to your home and are perfect for newly built homes that are missing a dry walkway on the side of the house. Installing paver or gravel pathways, pads, etc. allows for a seamless addition of a fireplace for those who’d love to spend more time outdoors.

Pathway Packages

Paver: $4,605.00

200 ft2 of straight pathway
24”x24” concrete pavers
Geotextile fabric, excavation, & paver edging
3” of 5/8” m. gravel + 1” of 1/4” m. gravel

Gravel: $2,620.00

200 ft2 of straight pathway
Geotextile fabric, grading for prep, & steel edging
3” of 5/8” m. gravel + 2” of 1/2”-3/4” c.c. gravel

Fire Pit Add-on: $1,095.00

Concrete block kit
Round (60” dia.) or Square (39”x39”)


Dry Creek Bed Installers in Vancouver, WA

Lastly is drainage! These two packages are great for anyone with a landscape that floods, a soggy lawn, or a muddy side of home. Landscape drainage directs water away from your home to prevent flooding and help promote healthy soil and plants.

Drainage Packages

Dry Creek Bed: $2,250.00

50’ of dry creek
3′ wide & topped with 3”-8” gray river rock

French Drain: $750.00

50’ of drainage pipe
12” wide & topped with 2” river rock


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