Backyard Covered Areas and Kitchens in Vancouver, WA

In this blog, we will go over two different styles of covered areas and the features that bring the most value out of them.  

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With rainfall in Vancouver, WA, being regular for much of the year, the value of covered areas is huge. Covered areas not only protect you and your furniture from rain but also from the sun, providing a year-round refuge from harsh elements. In this blog, we will go over two different styles of covered areas and the features that bring the most value out of them.  

Covered deck area remodel in Vancouver, WA

Attached covered deck on 2nd level

Covered Areas in Vancouver, WA

The first style of covered area is the attached covered area. These structures can share framework and roofing with the house from which they are built for a seamless look and experience with your indoor and outdoor spaces. Attached covered areas can also tap into existing electrical and gas lines which further enhance the time spent with them. In the featured image you will notice lighting and heating elements in the ceiling, a gas fireplace, and an outdoor grill and kitchen. 

Attached covered area remodel in Vancouver, WA

Attached covered area with screen down on one unit

Our second style is the detached covered area. These covered areas include gazebos, pergolas, patio covers, etc…Detached covered areas are typically easier to add to a finished house than attached ones. This makes them a popular choice for many people. They can also have many of the same features as integrated covered areas (gas, electrical, ect…).  

Pergola structure built in Vancouver, WA

New Pergola ready for plants!

The price range for attached and detached covered areas varies greatly. A cheaper solution being a basic 2×4 construction with corrugated plastic roofing. A more expensive solution being an integrated covered area with roofing, electrical, gas, etc..Whichever route you choose, our general construction team is here to help. 


Covered Area Features

Keeping the heat in and the wind out is going to drastically improve your experience with your covered area, whether in winter or summer. One solution is glass railings. They’re a stylish solution for decks as they are impermeable by the wind and do not obstruct any views. This allows for warmer nights outside than an open railing system. Another solution to break the wind is retractable screening. Screens are great because they offer protection from both the wind and the sun. Though the screening is permeable, it does a remarkable job at slowing air exchange and thus retaining warm air. Curtains (often clear) are also a popular solution for trapping warm air in covered areas but they obstruct the reasons we go outdoors in the first place: fresh air and natural beauty. This is why they are mostly used for restaurants or bars that are forced to host people outside. 

Screened attached covered area in Vancouver, WA

All screens deployed

Covered Area Heating Solutions

Most heating options for covered areas involve a metal element that is heated via propane fire in order to radiate warmth to its users. The radiating heat is less easily dispersed by wind than a forced air heating system. There are a slew of styles for both ceiling mounted and free standing heating units. Pricing can range significantly depending on style and quality but entry level units will range from $200-$300 and run off propane tanks. We recommend finding a system that can easily be attached to exiting gas lines in order to save you the headache of refilling tanks. We also advise against wood fires unless the smoke exhaust can be channeled up and away from the air you and your guests will be breathing. 

Covered area fireplace heating element in Vancouver, WA


Last but not least is blankets! Whether the dead of winter or a chilly summer night, warm blankets make the world of a difference for your covered area experience.