GRO Nursery plants in Ridgefield, WA

GRO Nursery

At GRO, we locally grow our own stock on our nursery so that they can go into your landscape projects. We grow and cultivate our nursery stock with love and care which include trees (shade, ornamental, conifer) and plants (shrubs, ground cover, perennials, grasses, sedum, hanging baskets).

19107 NW 41st Ave.
Ridgefield, WA 98642
(360) 727-5968
Mon–Fri: 8:00am-4:00pm

Tress and Plants

Shade Trees

Ground Cover

Ornamental Trees


Conifer Trees



Bark, Mulch, and River Rocks in Vancouver, WA

GRO Landscape Supply

Visit our landscape supply center created by contractors for contractors (and the DIY homeowner alike). The new location allows vehicles of all sizes to load-and-go quality gravel, fresh northwest bark, fine soil blends, compost, decorative stone by the ton, and rockery products. Our Landscape Supply store offers landscape and irrigation supplies as well as snacks and drinks to satisfy your project’s needs. Expect efficient service at our clean, paved, and fully staffed location. Visit us at 7208 NE 101st Street in Vancouver.

We Deliver!

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7208 NE 101st St.
Vancouver, WA 98662
(360) 750-7217

Winter Hours:

Mon–Fri: 7:00am-5:00pm | Saturday: 8:00am-4:00pm | Sunday: Closed

Landscape Materials


River Rock


Cedar Chips

Soil Blends



Rockery Products

Landscape Supplies

Irrigation Supplies

Our Product List

Rock Products

Screened River Sand

Oversized River Rock (2-6")

Standard River Rock (2")

1/2"–3/4" Clean Crushed Gravel

5/8" Minus Crushed Gravel

1/4" Minus Crushed Gravel

1/2"–1 1/2" Clean Crushed Gravel

1"–3" Columbia Gorge River Rock

3"–8" Columbia Gorge River Rock

Pea Gravel

Dirt & Fine Compost

Super Fine Compost

2-Way Soil Blend

3-Way Soil Blend

Garden Blend

Fill Dirt (not screened)

Wood Shavings (Variety)

Bark Dust

Dark Fir

Medium Bright Fir

Medium Bark Nuggets

Cedar Chips


Clean Concrete

Clean Asphalt

Yard Debris



Wood Chippings

Rockery Products

Bird Baths

Black Basalt Rectangle Step Risers 6”

Black Basalt Hexagon Step Stones 2"

Black Basalt Bench with Legs

Black Basalt Columns

Camas Gray Ledgestone

Camas Gray Thin Ledgestone

Camas Gray Natural Stone

Camas Gray Curbstone

Camas Gray Squares and Recs

Camas Gray Thin Squares and Recs

Camas Gray A Split

Camas Gray Thin Split

Camas Gray Louie

Camas Gray Step Risers

Camas Gray Cobblestone

Camas Gray Bubbler