Top 3 Reasons to Purchase Plants from a Local Nursery

Buying locally grown plants not only improves the odds of survival after transplanting but is cost effective and beneficial to the environment.


Contractors and homeowners looking to purchase nursery stock have the option to buy from big box retailers or local nurseries. This blog post highlights the benefits of buying from your local nursery.

1. Local Nurseries Have Native and Ornamental, Hardier Plants

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Local nurseries sell many varieties of native and ornamental plants that are accustomed to the surrounding climate and soil conditions. This makes them much hardier than plants that are not native to the area. Your landscape will have a much better time surviving the elements, especially the four changing seasons of the Pacific Northwest, when they are filled with locally grown plants and trees. Additionally, native plants prove to be low maintenance for landscapes since they are equipped with natural protection against area pests and diseases and won’t need as much pesticide protection. A hardy landscape also saves money in the long run as you won’t have to buy replacement specimens as often with non-native plants.

2. Plants and Trees are Healthier and Grown with Care

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Plants and trees grown locally are cultivated by hands-on, experienced staff at the nursery. Local growers take pride in their stock and you can be assured they put in the extra effort to produce the best specimens they can. The expert staff have the local knowledge of the surrounding climate and conditions under which to best grow their plants and trees. Additionally, the local stock are healthier because they don’t travel far distances in a hot box truck to get to their end destination, which can often times cause plant shock (however, plants can be shipped in refrigerated trucks to help mitigate this). Plant shock is when trees or plants undergo stress due to drastic changes in environment such as temperature and lack of water that can ultimately kill the specimen. Local nursery stock are much less likely to experience such events since they are grown in the surrounding area.

3. It’s More Eco-Friendly and the Community Benefits as A Whole

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When you shop local, the money stays within the local community. You are supporting a hard, working, local business. Additionally, buying native and ornamental plants from a local nursery ensures there are no foreign insects or diseases attached the plants and trees that could spread to the surrounding environment. Native and ornamental plants and trees also produce fruits and nectars for local inhabitants, helping to preserve the natural ecosystem for the area.

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